The Probation Officer’s Association of Ontario (POAO) has been in existence for 67 years.

  • We are not a union, but an association where we focus on professional development, advocating for issues related to our profession.
  • POAO played and continues to play an instrumental role in ensuring that a university degree is mandatory for the position of Probation Officers and Probation and Parole Officers.
  • The President and Vice-President of POAO meet quarterly with the Assistant Deputy Ministers of both Ministries to provide updates in the field and how we can assist in moving issues forward. POAO is in the loop on Positioning Probation for the future with respect to Youth Probation Officers.
  • POAO is making efforts to meet more regularly with the Deputy Minister of MCSCS and are working on an avenue to meet with Deputy Minister of MCCSS.
  • In 2018 the Deputy Minister of MCSCS asked POAO to come up with 3 ways to address workload, that could be implemented quickly.
  • In 2018 POAO was asked to give input on Bill 6 (Correctional Services Transformation Act) at the Ontario Legislature. This Bill is now in legislation.
  • In 2018 POAO was asked to provide feedback on Bill C-375 regarding Section 721 of the Criminal Code of Canada. This is in regard to mental health information in Pre-Sentence Reports (both adult and youth). POAO testified as a key stakeholder at the house of Commons for the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.  This Bill remains outstanding.
  • POAO has been identified as a key stakeholder in the Correctional Services Review
  • POAO has and continues to advocate for increased staffing.
  • In 2019 POAO joined the Canadian Criminal Association. Articles, journals and webinars will be shared with members.
  • POAO provides its members with education and learning related to our profession and wellness through lunch and learns and professional development days.
  • POAO continues to make efforts to host yearly professional development opportunity in addition to our Annual General Meeting.
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