POAO has been dedicated to offering professional development opportunities and providing its members and the public with education and learning related to our profession and wellness. Here are some of the projects we have worked on.

POAO Guests, Symposiums, Workshops, Education bursaries


Context: Who We Are

Established in 1952, the Probation Officers Association of Ontario (POAO) is a voluntary non-profit organization representing the professional interests of the Probation Officers and Probation and Parole Officers across the Province of Ontario.

Mission:What We Do

POAO endeavors to speak with credibility on issues in criminal justice, facilitate increased understanding of the specialized role of the Probation Officer, provide representative perspectives on legislative issues to policymakers

Vision: What We Aspire To Be

POAO aspires to increased professional development opportunities for members, an augmented profile in the greater community, and specifically with criminal justice stakeholders, stronger ties with our justice partners.


The Board is a dedicated and passionate group of Probation Officers who are responsible for all functions of the Association, including policy administration, public and professional relations, financial management, educational program planning and support of colleagues across the province.

Chris Podolinsky


Gareth Williams


Debra Causey




 Lynn Carrier – Adult Policy
Karen Tinning – Youth Policy
Mike Doher – Treasurer
Mary Ayoub – Media
Laura Huggins – Membership



Black History Month 2021 – Who Was Lew Taylor?

By Chris Podolinsky and Hassan Adan The Probation Officers Association of Ontario (POAO) has been in existence for nearly seven decades; almost as long as the profession has been active…

Think You Know POAO?

“MINISTRY STAKEHOLDER” = Meet 4 times a year with ADMs from Ministry of Solicitor General and the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services  Formal input provided as requested from…




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